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Welcome to the Boston No.1 C.S.C.

Boston No.1 Celtic Supporters Club's Official page.

We are an inclusive club and membership is open to all interested.  Visitors are welcome.  We show all the Celtic games including European ties and domestic cups. The C.S.C. been running for 20 years and Billy Ramsey is the President and James Gillen is the Vice President. We all support a Football (soccer to some!) team called Celtic ( who play in Scotland and have strong Irish roots.

The Celtic Supporters Club meets most weekends from late July through late May, with occasional weekday matches.  We generally charge $5 ($10 for European games) for members and non members alike for covering the cost of showing the game.  Our location is upstairs in the Banshee, located at 934 Dorchester Ave, Boston, Massachusetts. Feel free to email one of the people on the contact page of you have any Questions. Hail Hail.

About our Celtic Supporters Club & CELTIC


We are just about equally made up of American, Scottish and Irish poeple as a membership, we encourage fans of other teams we are facing to come as it adds to atmosphere of the game. We welcome people that are new to supporting a soccer team to come along and see if Celtic is a good fit for you.

Any last minute changes to schedule etc... will be put up on our Facebook page - link on the menu...


The Celtic Football Club (/ˈsɛltɪk/) is a professional football club based in Glasgow, Scotland, which plays in the Scottish Premiership. The club was founded in 1888 with the purpose of alleviating poverty in the immigrant Irish population in the East End of Glasgow. They played their first match in May 1888, a friendly match against Rangers which Celtic won 5–2. Celtic established itself within Scottish football, winning six successive league titles during the first decade of the 20th century. The club enjoyed their greatest successes during the 1960s and 70s under Jock Stein when they won nine consecutive league titles and the European Cup.

Celtic have won the Scottish league championship on 48 occasions, most recently in the 2016–17 season, the Scottish Cup 37 times and the Scottish League Cup 16 times. The club's greatest season was 1966–67, when Celtic became the first non-latin team to win the European Cup, also winning the Scottish league championship, the Scottish Cup, the League Cup, and the Glasgow Cup. Celtic also reached the 1970 European Cup Final, and the 2003 UEFA Cup Final.

Celtic have a long-standing fierce rivalry with Rangers, and the clubs were known as the Old Firm, seen by some as the world's biggest football derby until Rangers were liquidated in 2012. Now there is a now a tribute act called sevco playing as rangers, but we know they died and deep down they do too. We pump the tribute act every time we play them, the fans seem to be the same which makes it all the sweeter. Rangers would still be in business if they wern't cheats.

The club's fanbase was estimated in 2003 as being around nine million worldwide, and there are in excess of 160 Celtic supporters clubs in over 20 countries. An estimated 80,000 fans travelled to Seville for the 2003 UEFA Cup Final.

Celtic Football Club's Schedule

We show every Celtic game live at the Banshee


Contact Info:  Use for general enquiries. (tweet or message FB if easier)

Billy Ramsey

President and Founder



 Phone: 781-812-3382









James Gillen

Vice President

Facebook & Web Page


Phone: 857-891-2328








Scott Hurley

Seargeant at Arms











Jimmy Shiels


Phone: 857-919-4910